We, Mentro Enterprises (Pty) Limited, a 100% citizen- owned company run by committed and well-trained individuals, exist to provide engineering services of best quality and to the satisfaction of our customers and clients. This we strive to achieve through administering our services in accordance with best international practices and in adherence to available international and local standards. Our work force of experienced and qualified engineers, technicians and artisans with expertise in a broad spectrum of engineering applications will make this a reality. We will strive for the continuous improvement of the quality of our service.

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Asante Sebego

Asante Sebego

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Ridoh Dube

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Tefo Kgabo

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We strive to deliver timely, reliable and quality service as per our customers and clients expectations.

Our philosophy is centered on an innovative hands-on approach, in which we encourage active participation and foster ownership and amongst all team members. We believe that our success lies with the collaboration amongst the teams we serve and that the expression of knowledge and concepts is the best method for exceeding goals. Our persistent attitude results in the streamlined collection of data, coordination of groups and individuals, and ultimately, comprehensive projects that have exceeded owner goals and expectations.


The following is the current list of disciplines registered with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) of Botswana:

Code 03- Civil Engineering

  • Sub Code 03- Roads Infrastructure: Grade D
  • Sub Code 04- Road Surfacing: Grade C
  • Sub Code 05- Bridges: Grade B
  • Sub Code 06- Roads Drainage/ Culverts: Grade D
  • Sub Code 23- Major Village Water Supplies: Grade E
  • Sub Code 24- Water Treatment Plants: Grade D

Code 14- Roads Ancillary Works

  • Sub Code 01- Marking: Grade A
  • Sub Code 02- Signs: Grade A
  • Sub Code 03- Fencing (100% Citizen): Grade E
  • Sub Code 04- Guard Rails/ Kerbs: Grade A
  • Sub Code 05- Bush Clearing/ De-stumping: Grade

Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSRP)

In all our projects we always endeavour to maintain good lasting relationships with the residents of the areas we operate in. As such, it is our company policy that we maintain a culture of social responsibility for the residents in and around all the projects we undertake. This is purely to show our commitment not only in undertaking the works, but also of uplifting the living standards of the residents in whose areas we operate, especially the less-fortunate members of society.

In this regard, we have developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSRP) which we implement in all our undertakings. Tis is all in the spirit of “BOTHO” which is a cornerstone of the principles of Batswana as a people, and which will enable us to achieve our vision as a nation as exemplified in the Vision 2016 principles.

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