Our company offers a variety of services to meet your project’s needs, to take you from collaboration meetings all the way to ribbon-cutting and beyond. We believe that every project is unique, and can customize our approach to fit your particular project. While we are at the forefront of and specialize in design-build, we are very familiar with a number of delivery methods and are confident we can find the process that will best help you meet your goals.

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Design-Build Capability

A primary focus of the business has been the management of design-build projects for both the private and public sectors. With consistent outstanding project results, Mentro Enterprises has been recognized as one of the Botswana’s premier contractors in the specialized field of design-build contracting. A comprehensive understanding of the objectives and processes unique to design-build has allowed Mentro Enterprises to be a leader and innovator with design-build methodologies. As a result, the firm has been acknowledged with repeat contract awards from numerous clients including various educational institutions, government agencies and private developer clients.

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Cost Control

Budget accountability is the responsibility of the Project Managers. They manage the budget & work with the owners staff to review and control costs on a monthly basis or at shorter intervals as required. Our in house accounting department provides all cost reporting for our Project Managers and owner at all monthly reviews, make payments to subcontractors, as well as formalize request for payment.

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During the Preconstruction Phase, the objective of our project team is to actively manage the budget development process, provide the Owner and its consultants with timely input on cost and method alternatives, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs. This process involves continuous monitoring and interaction. We also take an active role in monitoring, revising and updating the schedule for the preparation of contract documents by the design team. To accomplish this, a system of status reporting customized to reflect the mutual needs for current information is utilized to provide project cost and schedule accountability.

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Corporate Safety

We have developed a comprehensive Safety Program through consultation with Safety Experts, Insurance Agents and our own past experience. This program was designed to protect all of our employees, the subcontracted work force, inspectors, owner’s representatives, project visitors and the existing neighborhood. We are proud to say that we have an exemplary safety record and enjoy a preferred insurance rate due to our continuing safety excellence.

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The construction staffing consists of an experienced team integrated into their projects during design and prior to construction commencing. We believe this up front staffing, more than pays for itself with the planning, coordination and thorough understanding of the projects before a single spade of dirt is turned. Subcontractor submittals and coordination questions are prioritized and are scheduled utilizing lean construction techniques and reverse planning scenarios. We require the subcontrac­tors to think out further than they are used to, get their buy in and hold them accountable for sequence, sched­ule, production and quality and memorialize these commitments, all before the start of construction.

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Our philosophy is centered on an innovative hands-on approach, in which we encourage active participation and foster ownership and amongst all team members. We believe that our success lies with the collaboration amongst the teams we serve and that the expression of knowledge and concepts is the best method for exceeding goals. Our persistent attitude results in the streamlined collection of data, coordination of groups and individuals, and ultimately, comprehensive projects that have exceeded owner goals and expectations.

We are a firm believer in partnering and the motivating force partnering can have on a project.

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